'Akhar' software most popular font converter: Survey

Patiala, June 23
“Akhar” software developed by Punjabi University, Patiala, is the most popular font converter, followed by the online Unicode font converter. While Anmol lipi has been rated as the most popular Punjabi font in use, the print media in India prefers Satluj font in daily use.
This has been revealed in a recent survey conducted by CP Kamboj and Dr Gurpreet Singh Lehal, in which 212 Punjabi computer users from eight countries were analysed. Even though many types of Punjabi software such as spellchecker, font converter, transliteration and translation, optical character recognition system have been developed, a majority of the users are ignorant about them.According to the survey, the Roman keyboard is the most common Punjabi keyboard layout in use, followed by phonetic and Remington layouts. Roman to Gurmukhi transliteration system, developed by Google, followed by Shahmukhi-Gurmukhi and Roman to Punjabi transliteration systems, developed by Punjabi University, have been rated as the most popular transliteration systems. Just above 22 per cent of the users take the help of the online Punjabi teaching websites for learning Punjabi, even as Punjabi teaching website www.learnpunjabi.org developed by Punjabi University was the most popular Punjabi learning website.Another fact highlighted by the survey was that 49.3 per cent of the users faced problems in Punjabi typing, while 61 per cent of the users were ignorant about Unicode. The major Punjabi software in demand included Punjabi spelling and grammar checker, Punjabi search engine and Punjabi font converter.—TNS

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